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Sadly, many people only visit their dentist when they experience toothache or problems with their gums. This is because of their fears – or in extreme cases a phobia – of dental treatment. Approximately one in every three adults experience some dental anxiety, with around one in 10 having some form of extreme dental anxiety.  Avoiding seeking treatment can result in a greater risk of painful dental conditions, complications and the need for more invasive procedures later on.


So, what have your teeth got to do with your heart, you might ask?

Teeth are so important to our health & appearance and let’s be honest, its usually one of the first things you notice when you first meet someone. A nice smile can make your heart flutter!

Well – you may be surprised to learn that having nice healthy teeth can also affect the health of your heart.

Did you know that your mouth is a direct tunnel to your blood stream, so has a direct effect on your heart? Periodontal and or gum diseases are connected to heart disease, so your teeth and oral hygiene are just as important as all other aspects of general medicine!


As a clinical hypnotherapist, I’m nurse-trained and lectured for many years in psychology. I help people overcome these anxieties, fears and  mental blocks that stop them carrying out this everyday activity in a calm, relaxed manner and give them back control of their lives.


For some it may be a low-level, slightly uneasy feeling which, although uncomfortable they are able to cope with. For others though, it can be an almost paralysing fear and at this extreme level, becomes a phobia and of course, there are those in the mid-level range who find it troubling enough to delay treatment until they are forced to out of necessity!

Hypnosis can re-program your mind to allow you to start having experiences of comfort and composure instead, during your dental treatments and remove your fears and negative reactions.

For the majority of people this is resolved in only two to three 1-hour sessions.

If this is something that affects you or for more information, ask your dentist or contact me

Jan Davies – Clinical Hypnotherapist –   Dip.HE Psych., Dip.Hyp., Cert.Ed., I.S.C.H., GHR,


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