My Cerezen Journey part one…..

Gayna in her role as Practice Manager

As some of you may know we are able to offer the Cerezen appliance as a solution if you suffer with jaw joint dysfunction following Dr Cahill’s blog last month.

Being a sufferer myself of  TMD for quite a few years I thought I would see if Cerezen would be beneficial to me as I clench my teeth when I’m concentrating and suffer with terrible headaches and toothache because of this.

I have worn a splint over my teeth at night for a couple of years now and while this did prevent me from waking with headaches and jaw pain I was suffering more during the day and with the job I have, wearing the appliance during the day wasn’t really an option. With Cerezen it can be worn anytime of the day.

Michael thought this would be a great opportunity and referred me to Peter our Audiologist for some impressions

During my appointment with Peter he checked that my ears were suitable enough to take the impressions before we started. He then placed a small piece of cotton wool inside my ear before placing the impression material in.  I also bit on a very small bite block so that the impressions were taken allowing my jaws to be slightly open.

The impressions were extremely comfortable. The right ear was done first and I was waiting for that popping sensation you can when clean your ears that little bit too far but it never came.

Whist the right ear was setting some impression material was put into the left ear. At this point I couldn’t hear a thing for a minute or two which felt really strange.

The impressions were removed once set and once again everything was very comfortable.

The impressions will now be sent away to have the devices made and should be all ready to fit in a couple of weeks. I will let you all know how this goes when they arrive.

Watch this space for more news about my cerezen jouney over the coming weeks!

Gayna Horridge