Having your first Dental Health Review?


Dental Health Review Checklist

For those who wondered what your dental team look for on your Dental Health Review, here is all the information you need to know.

Your hygienist will look after you in the main at your Dental Health Review and will perform a number of screenings even before your dentist sees you.

After checking over any changes in medical history, your hygienist will take any relevant radiographs.  These are routinely offered to all relevant cases and are covered by the Practice Plan payments, and are a safe and valuable tool to help maintain a healthy mouth.  They are used to check bone levels around teeth and implants, to check underneath old fillings and between teeth, and to check up on root treated teeth.

Another part of the Dental Health Review is Blood Pressure monitoring.  Not everybody visits the doctor or has access to a blood pressure machine, so we feel it is an important part of screening for general health.

Your hygienist will then look at your gum health.  Regular attenders will be familiar with the routine of checking the depth of the gap running around the edge of their teeth, and the bleeding index score which monitors the level of inflammation present.

Michael or Elgan will check fracture lines, old fillings, broken teeth, identify missing teeth, and keep on the lookout for deformed teeth, or teeth with abnormal wear, which may or may not be caused by drifting teeth.

As well as the teeth, the soft tissues of the mouth are examined by the dentist.  This examination includes checking the  tissues of the mouth, the throat, the tongue and the gums.

This exam involves examination of the lips and the mucosa inside the lips and cheeks and the tongue.  This is the part of the exam where Michael or Elgan will ask you to perform some tongue gymnastics so they can see all the surfaces of your tongue and mouth as part of the Oral Cancer screening.  They will also take this opportunity to check your hard and soft palate, the floor of your mouth and your throat for any lumps, bumps, red or white patches or unexplained ulceration.

The dentist will also check outside the mouth and check the jaw joint function, and comfort, and check for any swellings underneath the jawline.

The Dental Health Review is your time with experienced Dental Health Care Professionals and we want you to get the most out of it.  This is why we ask you to complete the Smile Evaluation Form so we can discuss any areas of conern you may have.

So if there is anything worrying you, don’t be shy, your Dental Health Review is the perfect opportunity to chat about your mouth

Debbie Gee