So its goodbye for now….

Laura and her tidy little bump

If you caught my blog a couple of months ago or if you have been to the practice recently you may already know, me and my partner, Ashley, are expecting our first baby in July! My pregnancy seems to have gone really quickly the last few months, meaning it is now nearly that time to go on Maternity leave already. My last day at work will be Thursday 29th June. I am going to be honest, I am looking forward to a little rest before the baby comes and the hard work begins!

Ashley and I already know that we are expecting a little boy so we have been buying lots of little summer outfits for him and getting his nursery ready for his arrival (We have gone for an animal theme). We are still struggling to agree on his name, we have a shortlist of names, but its really hard to pick one. Hopefully we will have a name picked for him soon.

As he is a summer baby, I am wishing for lots of nice weather while I am off work so I can take  him out on lots of nice walks and spending time in the garden, but that is probably wishful thinking on my part!

I am really excited for his arrival and seeing him for the first time and who he looks like, me or his Dad. I have a strong feeling he is going to look like his Dad! but For now its just a waiting game until he decides to make an appearance, I hope he arrives on time and isn’t late as I am far too impatient for that.

I will be taking 9 months maternity leave, and be returning to work next April and I am sure the girls will let you all know when he is here, so its goodbye for now!

Laura Campbell