Toni is our little shining star*

Toni and her Star Award Certificate

As we are part of the Portman Healthcare Group, we as a practice are one of several dental practices based around the UK.  There is a companywide award presented to team members to recognize efforts above and beyond the call of duty, Team Members are encouraged to nominate colleagues for any outstanding acts.

As most of our long standing patients will know, Toni has been with the practice for approximately 103 years – it’s fair to say she is a familiar face.  She is reknown amongst the team for having a reputation for giggling at everyone’s misdemeanours, but only once she has checked they are alright; she takes particular satisfaction in any of us falling over or tripping……

Having said all that, Toni is very caring, empathetic and a kind hearted soul, even though she does currently hate me for making her pose with her certificate so I could take a picture!

So, Toni was nominated for an act of kindness to one of our long standing patients, who is currently not in the best of health.  One of our nurses saw Toni take time out of her busy day to help an elderly patient fill in an application for a disabled parking badge online – our patient in question wasn’t at all tech savvy and the application had to be made online.  Toni spent time on the practice iPad with our patient making sure all the boxes were ticked and the application successfully submitted.  Said patient was very grateful for all the help and support.

This didn’t go unnoticed by one of our nurses who surruptitiously nominated Toni for recognition for her deed.  Lo and behold the Portman panel of judges were impressed with her kind efforts and Toni was awarded her Star Award, and very rightly so we all believe!

Debbie Gee