What it feels like to have lip filler…….

Kat is very happy to show off her new pout
Kat is very happy to show off her new pout

Well after many years of deliberating on should I shouldn’t I, I finally decided to take the plunge and have lip filler placed. I was really anxious prior to having it done incase I didn’t like the feeling of them afterwards. I was panicking thinking, are they going to feel huge, will they not feel like my own lips, will they stop me from doing everyday things!! Well the honest truth is they feel no different at all but look fab!

The procedure was really simple and more importantly pain free. Michael first placed some gel to numb the skin then numbed the lips with anaesthetic, from then on I felt nothing uncomfortable. The lips felt slightly large at first but that was due to the anaesthesia as opposed to the actual filler. Once the local anaesthetic wore off, my lips felt normal. The first couple of days they felt slightly larger and looked larger. After 2 days the swelling from the initial placement went down and I was left with perfectly sized pout lips. I was made up, I’ve since had the procedure carried out twice and can’t ever imagine not having them done. They have totally transformed my face I feel, and for the better 🙂

I am glad I had it carried out at work as  I could have Local anaesthetic administered  as it was carried out by a Dentist ( excellent one at that ;0), and also because dentists are trained professionals in the anatomy of the face so I felt confident with the fact that it was being performed by a health care professional.

If you’re seriously contemplating  having this treatment done then I would highly recommend coming to our practice to let Dr. Michael Cahill carry out the procedure as he is very experienced in this type of cosmetic work and puts you so much at ease.

Kat Carey