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Facial Aesthetics

Your skin is constantly under attack. Each day you are exposed to an assault of wind, sun, cold and pollution.

In addition, fatigue, emotional changes, hormonal swings and simply the passage of time can take their toll on your skin. These internal and external attacks combine to weaken your skin’s structure and appearance.

The repeated use of the facial muscles in a particular manner will cause or increase facial lines and wrinkles. Just as a freshly iron shirt will become creased at the elbow as a result of bending your arm, so likewise our facial lines form wherever we frown, squint or smile.

In addition the breakdown of the natural collagen and hyaluronan support layer that lies beneath your skin as a result of external and internal factors will lead to wrinkles and lines.

Dr Michael Cahill is fully qualified to offer treatments that can help preserve and restore a youthful looking skin. Many celebrities have been having this treatment for years to help maintain a youthful appearance, so why not see what we can do for you. The facial aesthetics treatments we offer can easily be completed in a lunchtime, and in most cases allow you to return to your normal lifestyle immediately.

As easy as getting your hair done, and as affordable as a new outfit the results are amazing!