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Dental Crowns

What are they?

Dental Crowns are used to restore heavily filled or broken teeth. They can also correct the colour and position of teeth. Modern materials and state of the art technical work can produce crowns that are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Also described as Caps, these are used to restore a tooth that is either too heavily filled to last, or that has been broken.

There are many different types of crown available, which can seem confusing. At the Cahill Dental Care Centre we will take the time to ensure that you choose the best type for you.

What types of crowns are available?

Dental Crowns can be made from ceramic materials (such as porcelain) metal (gold) or a combination of both:

Porcelain Crowns

Using dental ceramic with a translucent appearance, these are the most natural looking crowns. They are generally used on front teeth though due to their strength are generally not used on back teeth.

Gold Crowns

Made with a gold alloy, these will withstand excessive wear and tear on teeth and tend to last longer than other crowns. A variety of metals can also be used including silver.

What are they key benefits?

  • A beautiful smile
  • Strong, long lasting restorations

What are the risks?

  • For this type of treatment we must point out that once tooth substance has been removed it cannot be put back and is regarded as an irreversible treatment. Occasionally the amount of tooth reduction may be such that the nerve inside the tooth may die and need to be root filled after the treatment is completed. The risk of this complication is around 5-10%