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Direct Access

Healthy gums, happy smile

What is direct access?

Until very recently, patients needed a referral from a dentist to see any Dental Care Professional. GDC regulations now allow Direct Access to these services without a referral from a dentist.

Who are the clean team?

Debbie, Vikki and Kat are our hygiene team and provide our patients with a high quality oral health screening, treatment and maintenance service.

Why are there different types of appointments available?

Our appointment menu is designed to meet the different needs of our patients, from a quick fix polish for a special occasion, to an in depth gum health screening and tailored homecare program me.

How do I know which appointment is right for me?

Our reception team are able to advise you which appointment type would suit you best. All we need is a little information from you about what you would like to achieve from your visit with the Clean Team.

Can I visit the clean team at the Cahill Dental Care Centre and still see my own dentist?

Yes, of course, and as with any of our patients attending the practice, we promise complete confidentiality.

What do I do if I would like to become a member of the clean team?

You will be able to meet one of our treatment coordinators at your appointment with the Clean Team. They will be able to advise you of the benefits of our Practice Plan membership and offer you an appointment with one of our award winning dentists.

How do i book an appointment with the clean team?

You can phone our reception team on 01204 526968 to make an appointment or complete our appointment form.

Beautiful, clean teeth are key to the way we look and feel about ourselves and how others see us. We all try to look after our teeth: we brush, we floss, we use mouth wash regularly, but sometimes that isn’t enough to remove the toughest plaque deposits and give a polished smile.

The Cahill Dental Care Centre offers a new approach to dentistry which takes away the problems of traditional dental practices to make professional dental care truly accessible for the first time.