At Cahill Dental & Implant Clinic Michael Cahill & the local team are here to guide you through every aspect of your Dental Care. 

This page shares some of our best articles and to answer some of your questions about dentistry!

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Are you at risk of diabetes?

We’ve all heard of diabetes and lots of people have it and don’t even realise, but what affect could it have on your mouth and how can we help you

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Have you got missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures? 

Implants could be a solution...

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Blood pressure & Dentistry

When you come to visit us for your dental health review, often one of the first things we do is use our electronic blood pressure monitor to take a recording of your blood pressure, but why?

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Should you visit the dentist with a cold sore?

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Pancake day!

Its not all about teeth.... 

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We are here to help our patients. 

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