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Same-Day Teeth

One Day Smiles

Nobel_Biocare_logo_jpg_color_big_rOne Day Smiles is the dental solution for new teeth in just one day!

We are pleased to announce an innovative and life changing new implant solution where we can give you a beautiful, natural looking smile in just one day.

If you have missing or failing teeth this can affect your confidence, prevent you from smiling as much as you would like, make eating difficult and uncomfortable and you are unable to enjoy the foods you really enjoy. All this can leave you very anxious.

How does it work?

  • First we assess your teeth to check for suitability. Usually most or all of the teeth in any jaw have been lost or will soon be lost due to decay, gum disease or cases where there is a lot of bone loss.
  • We will arrange for xrays and a CT scan to assess your bone quality and quantity.
  • We would then remove the teeth and place a minimum of four implants in your jaw during a morning
  • That same day we will construct a full arch fixed acrylic temporary bridge which we will attach to your implants in the afternoon. This gives full functionality. You will return later for the permanent fixed bridge once the dental implants have healed.


The will relieve the many frustrations a lot of patients have with removable dentures and provides an alternative to loose fitting or implant retained dentures.