Cerezen – what is it?

Do you suffer from teeth grinding, jaw pain or headaches? If so you might be one of the 10% of the population who suffer from TMJD (Temporo-mandibular joint disorder).

The Temporo-mandibular joint is quite a complicated joint, and links the mandible, or lower jaw, to the skull. It has a very wide range of movements; side to side, up and down and backwards and forwards. This large amount of movements mean that the joint can be susceptible to problems, which can lead to severe pain and discomfort.

TMJD is twice as common in females, and can be brought on by several factors, such as stress, sleep disorders, some medications and also lifestyle factors like alcohol, smoking and caffeine usage.

TMJD can damage the teeth and cause a number of extremely painful symptoms, including:
– Pain in the chewing muscles and jaw joint
– Radiating pain in the face, jaw or neck
– Aching around the ears
– Limited jaw movement or locking
– Painful jaw clicking, popping or grinding when opening or closing the mouth
– Headaches or migraines
– Changes in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together

Cerezen is a revolutionary medical device that effectively treats TMJD by using custom-made 3D printed hollow inserts that sit in each ear canal, which is very close to the temporomandibular joint. The inserts are discrete and almost invisible. Easy to insert and remove, they’re comfortable to wear because they’re custom made only for you.

As you move your jaw, your ear canal also opens and closes, and as it is so close to the TMJ, it is the perfect place to target the source of symptoms.

The more traditional forms of treatment for TMJD have been different types of bite splint, but Cerezen has the huge advantage that there is no effect on speech, and they can easily be worn during the night or day, including whilst eating.

When the Cerezen devices are inserted into the ear canal, they keep the shape of the canal in the open jaw position, and encourage the jaw to return to an “open bite” position. This results in a reduction in grinding, clenching and the amount of pain you experience.

3 easy steps to relief from TMJD
1) Speak to your dentist about your symptoms and whether Cerezen is right for you.
2) Get impressions of your ear canals (our in-house audiologist Peter Clack can take these)
3) Receive your custom-made devices after approximately two weeks.

So if you are troubled by TMJ problems, please don’t suffer in silence. Contact us either by phoning 01204 526968, email info@cahilldentalcare.co.uk or call in to the practice to speak with one of the team.

Dr Michael Cahill